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WE are the MCMA – Media & Content Marketing Association, now celebrating five years under this, our ‘new’ name, but built upon more than 60 years of professionalism, dedication, and commitment of the FMA/NTCFI… reconceived, redefined, reconstructed … and reinvigorated to help meet the challenges of today’s publishing industry, where Media are myriad, Content is King, and Marketing is multi-channel. It’s been called. “The New Subscription Economy” and it’s now utilized by Publishers and Direct-To-Consumer Marketers alike.

It’s all about CONTENT! Content that engages the customer, that differentiates the brand, that addresses the Buyer where they are on their journey. And, that’s why that word plays so prominently in our new name.

MEDIA plays in there as well – Content needs to live in many places and on many platforms – it’s whenever, wherever, on whatever (device) your customers want to enjoy your content.

The MARKETING effort is more complex, more disparate, more challenging, more demanding. There are more platforms, more sources, more data, more vendors, more metrics, more to execute, more to manage … more of everything – except time & staff.

And, that’s why the ASSOCIATION – a place to share, to learn, to ask, to give, and to get …to meet fellow marketers, swap similar war stories, see successful breakthroughs – and flag costly breakdowns.

Programming & Networking by Content Marketers, for Content Marketers – helping YOU get and stay on top of your game – with panel sessions, webinars, case studies, and resources on evolving best-practices, innovations, and breakthroughs …

Put it all together, and the MCMA is devoted to helping our members achieve excellence and success in media and content marketing through education and networking opportunities, such as:

  • Insights into new marketing and breakthrough technologies
  • Educational and career enriching programs
  • Speaker programs and seminars for publishers and vendors
  • Advice and how-to’s straight from the top
  • Deep dives into consumer and business-to-business marketing trends
  • Perspectives from within the trade community and ideas on how to leverage tactics
  • A community of professionals to share case studies, strategies and to build lasting relationships
  • Traditional luncheons, and also nontraditional networking events
  • Online lectures about of-the-moment industry news
  • Discounts to premier industry events and educational offerings including The Folio Show and the DMCNY Educational & Networking Events

So, join us – strengthen your hand, sharpen your skills, and recalibrate your career trajectory … we’re here to help, and together, we’ll advance the program and the practice of CONTENT MARKETING to our collective and mutual benefit.

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