Each year for more than a decade, the MCMA has been awarding scholarships to deserving students, both graduating high school seniors, and those already enrolled in institutions of higher education. 

The qualifications are that the student is an MCMA Individual or Corporate Member, or immediate family of an MCMA member, or employee of an MCMA sponsoring company (*See details below) and that they submit the MCMA scholarship application accordingly.

New in 2020, the MCMA began awarding a scholarship for a candidate seeking to pursue a professional development (non-degree) opportunity related to our industry. 

The MCMA works to ensure that scholarship applicants are considered in a blinded fashion, thereby ensuring to the organization’s best ability, that no one on the scholarship committee, or involved in the review process, is aware during deliberations of a candidate’s identity or their relationship to current or former MCMA members or sponsors until after the scoring process is completed (concluded). This process ensures that each applicant is judged purely on the relative strength of their application and the quality of their responses.


High School and Current College Applicants
Professional Development Applicants


2020 Scholarship Recipients Include: 

  • Hannah Ulman
  • Valerie Truesdell
  • Owen Cole
  • Delaney Wilson
  • Brenna Smith
  • Rachael McMillan

2019 Scholarship Recipients Include: 

  • Jonah D'Alessandro (Tufts University)                                                    
  • Abigail Greenblatt (Indiana University)
  • Aidan Healy (Undecided)
  • McKenna Selitto (Undecided)
  • Andrea White (University of North Florida)
  • Samantha Viel (Undecided)

The number of awards this year is dependent on the number of quality applications received. Typically, between 4 and 6 awards, ranging from $500 to $1500 are made.